"The energy storage management platform for active consumers and energy service companies"


The link between users and electricity

Amperia is the future of Virtual Power Plants (VPPs). VPPs are a comprehensive solution allowing their users to become an active part of the electricity network by taking full advantage of the resources provided by their self supply and storage installations.

Amperia´s utility suite ensures that the union between hardware and software reaches its maximum expression.

Amperia allows the full capacity of the resources provided by VPP installations to interact with different electric markets. Taking the idea of Flexibility a step further, the cost of power variations is included, thus ensuring that the customer benefits financially at every point in time. Welcome to Amperia´s Elasticity.


AMPERIA, driving the energy transition

"Amperia offers a wide range of possibilities, from taking part in regulatory markets and adjustment services to managing demand in energy sales and purchase markets. Thus the final user plays a new role as a prosumer, in other words, they move from being a consumer to an active user controlling their energy and cooperating in optimising the electricity network"

Versatility has always been one of the main focus points for Ampere Energy when working on the design and concept of the Virtual Power Plant. This is why Amperia offers a model which can be adapted to the requirements for taking part in any energy market, thus ensuring that market regulation is not a barrier.

Thanks to Amperia every VPP is configurable for any type of network service and even for energy transactions between the users themselves

The perfect union of software and hardware.

The aggregation of the available resources associated with Amperia´s Virtual Power Plant (storage systems, photovoltaic installations, electric vehicles and a wall box...) allows peak performance to be obtained from each and every one of them via an optimal control algorithm.

Added value for self-supply solutions.

The platform's main aim is to optimize the way the system works both for the user and the network. In order to do this, Amperia aggregates all the resources and calculates the cost of carrying out any actions regarding the same, offering only those actions which are of financial benefit to the VPP´s users and management agents. Thus, the cost of the aggregator´s action decreases and users always gain.


From flexibility to elasticity

Flexibility is the ability to vary a system´s consumption to offer actions over the electricity network

Amperia monetizes all the possible power variations regarding the foreseeable behaviour of the resource, calculating the opportune costs of each modification. Thus, each installation is capable of providing its entire power, rather than only its surplus capacity.

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