Ampere Energy unveils Ampere E-Loop and Ampere T-Pro, new solutions designed to facilitate self-consumption, energy storage and e-mobility

Ampere Energy unveils Ampere E-Loop and Ampere T-Pro, new solutions designed to facilitate self-consumption, energy storage and e-mobility

Following its technology roadmap, and as part of its policy of developing new self-consumption, smart energy storage and e-mobility products and services, Spanish multinational Ampere Energy —a supplier of the solutions, products and services needed to manage the energy transition— announces the market launch of its new Ampere E-Loop and Ampere T-Pro solutions.

Ampere T-Pro: three-phase modular design

The new T-Pro smart battery is the market's first all-in-one system to offer three-phase connection, modular design, a 9-kW hybrid inverter and two MPTTs — all tailored to meet users’ new energy needs. Designed for both high-energy-demand households and small businesses, the new T-Pro's 18-kWh capacity can be increased to 36 kWh by adding up to three 6-kWh modules.

Moreover, users can monitor and manage the T-Pro remotely from any mobile or Internet-connected device via the MyAmpere app (iOS/Android/web), allowing them to track their output, consumption and savings any time and anywhere. The T-Pro is an easily and rapidly installed plug&play all-in-one system comprising a hybrid inverter, a series of battery modules and an energy management system (EMS). The new battery facilitates smart energy storage and purchasing, increasing the cost-effectiveness of the entire system and optimizing resource use to maximize savings and efficiency.

E-Loop: optimal charging

In the e-mobility field, Ampere Energy has developed a new smart two-way household electric vehicle charger that optimizes charging and cuts charging times. The two-way technology gives users the choice of feeding the energy stored in their vehicle into either their homes (V2H) or the grid (V2G). Thanks to this feature, and supported by its smart EMS, E-Loop is capable of recognizing users’ daily routine and automatically switching between charging and feed-in. Users can adjust these settings manually to make sure that their vehicle is fully charged and ready to use whenever they need it. E-Loop will be compatible with the technologies developed by the world’s leading automakers.

Early development of the Ampere Energy charger took place under the EVA R&D project (partially funded by Valencia’s AVI innovation agency) and in partnership with Spain's ITE energy technology institute.

Ampere Energy, your partner for change

With this launch, Ampere Energy takes another step forward in technology development and innovation. Like the rest of the company’s portfolio, these new systems are designed to deliver optimal performance in the increasingly flexible, dynamic and competitive electricity market that is destined to generate widespread savings while ensuring smart, efficient, sustainable energy consumption. These new developments will be compatible with virtual power plants (VPPs) and smart distributed storage networks, tools that will play a fundamental role in the energy markets of the future and will drive the energy transition. Ampere Energy is the lead developer of the Amperia VPP Platform, Spain’s first virtual power plant.

The new generation of Ampere Energy products —T-Pro and E-Loop— is now available and ready for order, with deliveries beginning in August.